In addition to the conference weekend itself, we proposed bringing conference themes into relevant courses within the Graphic Design for Marketing program. This pedagogical framework very much reflects KPU’s polytechnic ethos and the applied nature of the Wilson School of Design’s seven design programs. Here, we capture some of the work that came out of those courses and extend a big thank to all of our students for their contributions and creative work. We will continue to update this page through April.

GDMA 3140: Interactive Technologies & Society

In this project, 3rd-year Graphic Design for Marketing degree students were invited to generate mini mural fest themes as a response to their walking tours of the Vancouver Mural Fest. They sourced and photographed locations in their own neighbourhoods across the Lower Mainland, coming up with concepts that were eventually translated into visual proposals. In small teams, students then designed and edited videos tying together their themes and mural designs. This work was completed with the conference in mind, and as a tie-in to larger discussions around the nature of analog and digital interactivity, activating public spaces, and translating abstract themes into accessible visual responses.


Cali Martin, Matteo Ferralasco, Ellie Kim


Calisto Hon, Bella Sanchez, Alex Leonardo

Serendipity/ Hyperconnection

Elias Lemke, Sumi Clysdale, Erica Ma

Giving Shape to Intangibles

Cherlin Eggenfellner, Karl Cruz, Kat Shein

The Other Side

El Teljeur, Mary Liang, Nick Liang